President’s Message

November, 2012

Just got back from the ASPE Convention in Charlotte and what a great convention and Expo it was.  Your delegates were Richard Little, Ed Zastudil and myself. Saturday and Sunday were all day business meetings, with the election of a new Society Board of Directors. The new ASPE board of directors as elected by the chapter delegates are as follows:

  • President: William Hughes  //  Vice President, Technical: Mitchell Clemente
  • Vice President, Legislative: David DeBord  //  Vice President, Education: Jeffrey Ingertson
  • Vice President, Membership: Scott Steindler  //  Vice President, Affiliate: Vincent Scriboni
  • Treasurer: Gary Mahoney  //  Region 1 Director: Paul Silvestre
  • Region 2 Director: Chris Graham //  Region 3 Director: James Zebrowski
  • Region 4 Director: Chris Scott  //  Region 5 Director: Kelvin Kennedy

Make sure the next time you see Richard Little, you congratulate him. Rich walked away with 2 Chapter Awards, 1 for Chapter Membership Growth and the other for Chapter Membership
Retention, great job Richard.

Sorry that I missed the Dinner meeting last month, had to fly out of town at the last minute for business. From the grapevine I heard the meeting went pretty well. A special thanks to Rob for being the moderator of the evening. I was a little disappointed at the lack of engineers/designers in attendance.

I have to ask all of you engineers/designers the following question, “Why don’t you attend the dinner meetings?” Your chapter board of directors is concerned over the lack of participation at our dinners and other events. We need your input as to what we can do to make these events more appealing to you. These events are for you, the engineers/designers so your opinion counts. Please contact us and let us know.

Next month we have an awesome speaker Mark Allen from BeaconMedaes who will talk about medical gas alarms with specific reference to the alarm requirements of large facilities and medical facility networks. We’ll talk about code, options, and considerations for these critical medical gas subsystems. Any engineer/designer who brings this newsletter and finds me at the meeting will get a gift card.


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